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Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of technologies such as markup languages suitable for interpretation and display by a web browser or other web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). With growing specialization within communication design and information technology fields, there is a strong tendency to draw a clear line between web design specifically for web pages and web development for the overall logistics of all web-based services.

What type of tasks are involved in Web Design Web designers often work on many projects at a time while ensuring that each one meets its deadlines and is of high quality. There are a variety of tasks for web designers when working on a project.

6 Weeks / 24 Course Hrs

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The design is one part of a website. Modern websites typically include the following elements:

  • Coding – HTML, ASP.NET, E-commerce Functionality
  • Design
  • Content – The text
  • SEO – Titles, meta tags, layout & content configuration, links
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting

Web Desing probably it contains the following:

  • HTML
  • Photoshop
  • DreamWeaver
  • CorelDraw 


  • Instructor-led course
  • 6 weeks in duration
  • Courses begin each month
  • 2 lessons released each week
  • 24-course hours


  • Learn some of the most sought-after skills in Web and mobile development
  • Open the door to new career and freelance opportunities at companies nationwide
  • Gain the skills you need to become a mobile app developer

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